Highdata provides futuristic digital transformative services based on advanced digital operating models to reevaluate value and create sustainable change. We simplify the digital transformation by reimagining the art of implementing the change in large global enterprises and startups across various industries.

We enable our clients to adapt digital transformation by exploiting innovative technologies, creating insightful data, crafting powerful processes and building incredible people to unleash business value.We are able to achieve the transformation as an ecosystem of in house capabilities, along with exclusive products and synergies with new age technology companies.

Through our digital transformation services we help clients to –

  • Drive decisions based on the realistic data
  • Exploit artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate processes
  • Reimagine core technical concepts
  • Enable digital finance that drives strategy
  • Speedup the integrated value chain
  • Introducing speed and transparency to risk management
  • Streamline service delivery channel


Highdata training programs are highly interactive that engages the participants throughout the session and keeps them motivated towards the gist of training. Our training pattern and mode of delivery are customizable to reflect your organization’s culture and values. We offer both in-person and web-based sessions, where our training programs are designed in a way to speak directly about your organizational culture, values, challenges, and needs, enabling participants to bring to light shared pain points and generate solutions together.

Our expertise of senior level trainers have decades of facilitation and curriculum design experience who engages audiences and educating teams.


Program Management

We are industry leaders in program management services where we are involved with the entire program development and execution cycle of planning, coordination, scheduling, cost control, design, construction, and commissioning. The challenges with large programs involve management, coordination and integration of multiple, concurrent projects. The expertsat Highdataare efficient enough to manage complex and large programs across services, markets, and geographies. We manage outcome-driven projects that deliver social, economic and environmental value.

Highdata is partnered with public and private asset owners as development and delivery partners.We are committed to service to offer ongoing engagement through the program lifecycle, from day one to delivery and beyond.


Application Managed Service

Our application managed service (AMS) provides application administration and support for your specific customizations and integrations, along with day-to-day business operations, so that your own skilled resources can focus on creating more value for your business. We leverage our considerable experience in both areas to provide a support service wrapped around your application. We manage your applications in partnership with you to reduce complexity, increase efficiency and maximizereturns.

Though our application managed services, Highdata can offer a range of application innovation servicesthat includes custom software development, application integration, and application modernization.


ERP Consultancy

Highdata brings rich experience in the implementation of enterprise business solutions of various cadres. We add value to productivity of our customers by bringing excellent understanding of the business processes to the table.

We understand that every organization has different objectives and hence, a customized ERP system that aligns with their process is the right solution. The objective of few of the organizations may simply be to replace legacy systems as cost effectively as possible with the minimum of disruption to the business. Whereas, others may require ERP to enable digital transformation. We have a defined solution for every organization which is based on structured methodologies, project predictability and business process capability benchmarking. Our consulting services are designed to support our clients through each stage of ERP and digital transformation journeys, from early stage planning to final implementation.


Technical Development

Highdata delivers deliver a wide range of digitally evolved services and solutions by building complex applications and enabling feature-rich integrations to deliver desired results. Irrespective of the size and complexity of the technical requirement, we are equipped to readily serve our clients in all possible technical ways. We optimize business processes through customization and deliver seamless web and mobile applications that elevates your business engagement. Our technical development services enable your organization to automate monotonous manual processes and thus leverage technology in routine tasks.

Highdata associates with your organization as an extended team to solve problems, fixinggaps, and aligning processes through technical upheaval.


Digital Adoption and Change

Transformation is disruptive as it can impact partners,employees, suppliers,and customers, across the value chain. A change in technology can increase productivity of employees, bring efficiency in processes, and secure business data. In the absence of digital adoption such advancements in the organization are unlikely to be fully embraced.

Our digital adoption team combines technical experience with a broader understanding of how humans adapt to change. Based on the initial observations, we evaluate the need for potential change within your organization and the impact to the end users. Highdata’stailored enablement and adoption approach is aligned with your organization’s objective and designed to maximize adoption while minimizing disruption. We work to actively ensure change is being adopted across the value chain, one measured dose at a time.

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